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Welcome to Ecole Mallaig Community School

Spring is definitely in the air

When the weather heats up like this we all breath a sigh of relief as the winter has finally loosened it's grip, and we can get outside more often to run and enjoy outdoor sports and fun. It's also a very busy and important time of year both in and out of the classroom. A handfull of those important dates/events are listed here, and you can always check our Google Calendar by clicking on the menu item 'Calendar' we also run a fairly active Facebook page-click the link to see whats going on.

Upcoming dates/events

  • April 30th 2015 PTI Jr. Sr. High Parents-4-5:30pm Still appointments available
  • May 1-2nd 2015 ASAA Provincial Badminton Lloydminster.
  • May 4-8th 2015 Education Week
  • May 5th 2015 Provincial Election Day
  • May 9th 2015 Graduation ceremonies for 2015
  • May 12th 2015 ECS and Grade 9 Parent Orientation 6:30pmSSL TODAY

Latest News

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Box 90
Mallaig, AB T0A 2K0
Administration:  Mr. Tom Whitfield & Mrs. Gisele Hall
Telephone: (780) 635-3858
Fax: (780) 635-3938





Being the best we can be.....

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